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   "A Letter of Testimony for Tranquilene."

I came across Tranquilene while surfing for the internet for mental health information. The claim that it could actually get chemical balance back caught my attention. I researched the makeup of the ingredients in the product and ordered it.

I started taking one per day mid-December (approximately 3.5 weeks now). They recommend two a day, but I am a small person just over 100 lb. I am experiencing a feeling of well-being and calmness. When I wake up, I'm feeling completely rested. Also, as the information described… I felt immediate effects the day I started taking them. This is not a feeling compared to say… Diazapam… where your body feels within 15 minutes a sense of the air being let out of a balloon. No, this is different. My mind is feeling different. The [constant worry] is gone.

The only side effect I have experienced is occasional diarrhea, and this is subsiding. The prescription medication side effects did not stop, and that is one reason I stopped those. I was prescribed the following: Zoloft, Paxil, and a couple generic drugs in the same family. None of those worked like the Tranquilene. It's comprised of Natural herbs and Vitamins B. Unlike hard tablets Tranquilene is in a gel cap, easier for me to digest. Tranquilene is supposed to correct the chemical imbalance and give your body the chance to heal itself. They say it takes about 3-months… so I am anticipating that time.*
–Deorah W., Sardinia, OH

   "Got my daughter through divorce."

Thank you for your Tranquilene. It has gotten my daughter through a divorce in the best way possible. She had about 4 bottles in 4–5 months. This tremendously helped her with her coping powers and best money spent for a person undergoing a life–changing situation. You can be sure that I will sing your praises forever. Again, many thanks!*
–Rebecca W., Wichita Falls, TX

  "Helpful, even for short term."

Your product and service as well are much appreciated. Even though I did not use the capsules only 2 months it helped me greatly. I am feeling much better. I would recommend.*
–Ibolya G., Hawthorne, NJ

  "I'll be back for more."

Thank you for creating a wonderful product! I'm sure I will be a repeat customer in the future, and I will continue to recommend Tranquilene. *
–Jamie Z., Oswego, NY

   "Feeling better already."

I have [been anxious] for so many years. I have tried prescription medications, however, the side effects far outweigh the overall medicinal benefit. I received Tranquilene only yesterday and have taken only several pills. I feel calmer, more positive and much better. I did 5 hours of research online when I found Tranquilene, I placed the call immediately. Do yourself some good and try this product, it really works!*
–Susan B., Great Neck, NY

   "Tranquilene Delivers."

I have tried all kinds of supplements for calmness nothing every delivers what they say except TRANQUILENE. I took it as soon as I got it and WOW even the next day I started feeling better. I was going to go to the DR because I was having more and more [panic attacks]. Praise The Lord I don't have them anymore. I highly recommend Tranquilene.*
–Nancy S., Hartsville, IN

  "Works fast."

Whenever I feel the anxious feelings coming on, I take a few Tranquilenes and usually feel much better pretty quick. Good stuff!*
–Steve B. Eugene, OR

  "Off the meds and feeling great!"

Thank you so much for this product. I have been on meds for years. I get every side effect, just about, to any prescription. Not one of the prescribed meds helped me for a consistent period of time. I researched your product and took a chance that perhaps this could work for me. IT DID. I've been off ALL prescribed meds since Aug 5, 2011 and truly feel good. Not one side effect. It took a month or maybe a little more to get into my system. I started with 2 capsules in the morning and 2 more in the afternoon around 3:00. I'm ready now to back it down to 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. *
–Laura T. Gansevoort, NY

  "Finally some relief!"

I had my first panic attack 6 years ago. I had just moved out of my parents house with my daughter and I was laying in bed and a sudden fear of death overwhelmed me. Soon I started to worry that everything was wrong with me, lung cancer heart attacks, etc. Since then I have tried some medication, but I hate the thought of being on hard meds, so I tried focusing on natural healing. I took up Yoga and started taking Tranquilene. I am still a worrisome person, but finally I found some fast relief for those super nervous feelings.*
–Mary A., Flint, MI

  "It keeps the stress from affecting my work."

I found your product by accident while browsing the web, learning about what causes my terrible nerves and what prevents it. I was impressed by the list of ingredients so I gave it a try. I couldn't believe the difference after just two months! My job in New York's financial sector can be extremely stressful and Tranquilene is just what I need to keep the nerves from getting to me.*
–Peter J., New York, NY

  "Works like a charm!"

Great product! I wish I knew about Tranquilene when I was in college stressing about exams all the time. I would have pulled out a lot less hair!*
–Bill K., Derby, CT

  "Put the worries in their place."

As a child custody attorney, I can get very wrapped up in my work and have a tendency to “take my cases home with me.” Day in and day out I help dozens of kids get out of difficult and sometimes abusive situations. And boy do I worry for the little ones. The stresses of my job were impacting my family life because I couldn't relax and my husband said I was too distracted, always fidgeting. Then a friend turned me on to Tranquilene. It helped me find the balanced, calm mind I need to devote to my family at home.*
–Janice S. Charlotte, NC

  "Just awesome."

My first panic attack came one nice sunny day when I was 26. I was driving to the Mall to pick up my girlfriend from work then all of a sudden my arms got numb my mind started sticking telling me I was dying. I stopped my truck crawled out and laid on the grass waiting on somebody to stop to save me. My heart pounding out of my chest, sweat was pouring out of me, my arms and jaw was locked down. Nobody stopped. I never wanted to experience that again but for years the only thing that helped me was valium. That stuff was a bad habit and I finally kicked it when I found Tranquilene. Your product has done a lot for me. I never thought an herbal pill could work so well.*
–Phil D., Austin TX

  "Keeps my panic away."

When I was in college I took some substances I was not proud of to cope with the stress of exams. One night I had a really bad trip, I was totally freaked out, sweating, yelling, overcome with fear. Until then I never knew a person could even feel like that. I never had a panic attack as serious, but ever since then I've had to live with a lot of worrying. Tranquilene is my first line of defense against over–worrying and I haven't had a panic attack since I've been taking it!*
–John F., Newport, RI

  "Pretty good."

I tried tranquilene for a month and think it could be stronger. It took the edge off my nerves a little bit, but it's definitely not as strong as Xanax.*
–Jessica S., Phoenix, AZ

  "All along it was just an imbalance."

I thought for years that something was wrong with my genes, or wrong with my mind or, well, wrong with ME. But when I started doing research about what makes people anxious I suspected it may just be a chemical imbalance. Your product had the best combination of ingredients I could find and now, after just a few months of taking it, I realized I was right.*
– Stephani B, Salem OR

  "What a difference."

Before Tranquilene I was always just one bad day away from a [panic attack]. But I don't have to worry about those anymore. Thanks so much and keep up the great work.*
– Farah, F, Derby, CT

  "Great product!!"

I am sure you've heard this a zillion times, but thanks for creating a great product. I have a lot of stress but I didn't believe my therapist when she told me I actually had a disorder and had to go on meds. I had only felt so anxious for a few years so I figured it couldn't just be who I am. Anyways, my therapist said I should take supplements to build up GABA and Serotonin and I was SO surprised that those are exactly the things Tranquilene focuses on. Now I'm taking a break from therapy.*
– Lana J., Salt Lake City, UT

  "So THIS is living!"

I used to be so anxious. Anxious to go to the bank, anxious to meet up with friends, anxious to go for a checkup. It felt like something was holding me back and god forbid ANYTHING in my life went badly. I would shut myself in. I went through a lot of therapy about my phobias, but it didn't relieve that gut–wrenching anxious feeling I always got. And then I found Tranquilene. My family can't believe how much more "chilled out" (as my nephew says) I've become.*
– Elizabeth R., Loveland, OH

  "Helps me not worry about the little tihngs"

Growing up, i was always a little bit more panicky then others. I'm such a rule follower and if plans do not go according to the itinerary I would feel like everything is crashing down. I grew out of that as i was growing up but I started worrying about all kinds of little things. What meals would I eat this week, how much am I spending at Starbucks, is my house clean enough for the bf... I am always going to think about this stuff but I certainly don't need to be panicking about it. Tranquilene took all the stuff I worry about and made it just the stuff I think about. No racing heartbeat about it!*
– Pamela K, Kittery ME

  "It worked better over time"

When I first took Tranquilene it took the edge off my [nerves], but I was still feeling panicked at least once or twice a week. But after a few months it hit some kind of critical mass. All of a sudden, no panic attacks.*
– William D., Blaine, MN

  "My only regret is that i didn't find it sooner"

You don't know how many medications and supplements I tried before I found Tranquilene. For some strange reason it gives me balance and keeps me calm and collected.*
– Tanya R., Montana

  "Amazing and unique formula!"

After I started getting panic attacks I tried every method, every home remedy, every supplement, every drug the doctors prescribed. Either they didn't work, or they sort of worked but messed up something else. One day, I randomly stumbled upon the Tranquilene website. I joined. It's almost unbelievable the results I saw. Within two months, my panic attacks were getting less frequent and I felt like myself again. Incredible.*
– Derrick, Tennessee

– Donna C. Waltham, MA

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